Portugal is DEAD! Here are 3 Better Options

Portugal is DEAD! Here are 3 Better Options

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Summary of the video:

Portugal has made changes to its tax laws, including getting rid of the Golden Visa program and the NHR tax exemption. This means that individuals moving to Portugal will now have to pay higher taxes, which will particularly affect retirees and crypto investors. Wealthy Expat suggests three alternative options for individuals looking to pay less taxes in Europe and obtain a second passport. These options include Italy, which offers a lump sum tax program for residency; Spain, which has the Beckham Law providing tax exemptions for foreign income; and Malta, which offers low taxes and permanent residency through a donation.
Wealthy Expat also mentions the Greek Golden Visa program as an honorable mention.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not tax and/or financial advice. Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. I am not a tax professional and/or lawyer and/or accountant so I am not liable for any steps you take to lower your taxes. I'm not a financial advisor nor do I pretend to be. Always do your own research.