Why Rising Interest Rates Are Good for Real Estate Investing

Why Rising Interest Rates Are Good for Real Estate Investing

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Rising interest rates are being met with some negativity from investors. Deals don’t make sense anymore, cash flow is becoming almost extinct, and those who could qualify just a year ago are barely making the cut. How could mortgage rates almost doubling over the past year make buying real estate possible, let alone profitable in 2022? David Greene, veteran real estate investor, says that now is the time to buy!

Welcome back to another Episode of Seeing Greene, where David hits on some time-sensitive questions surrounding the world of real estate. We touch on private money lending, the housing market and interest rate updates, how to “gift” a down payment, real estate partnerships, goal setting, and who should stay away from house flipping. If you’re just starting your journey in real estate investing, this is the episode to listen to!

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Episode #672

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00:00 Intro
02:41 Quick Tip
03:53 Keep, Sell, or Refinance?
08:38 Private Money and Partnerships
12:42 Buying with High Interest Rates
21:14 Questions from The Comment Section
23:45 Can You Gift a Down Payment?
28:17 Are DSCR Loans Worth It?
31:16 Advice for New House Flippers
39:16 How to Set Bigger Goals
50:17 Ask David Your Question!