Realty Income Stock UPDATE VIDEO Before Earnings | O Stock | Monthly Dividends

Realty Income Stock UPDATE VIDEO Before Earnings | O Stock | Monthly Dividends

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Realty Income stock, ticker symbol O. The famous monthly dividend paying stock. Is this stock going to 50 dollars soon?

This stock is down 21% on the 1 year chart. Underperforming the SP500. And in two weeks, the stock is going to present their latest earnings.

People love Realty Income stock because of multiple reasons, one of the main thing being the dividend, and I understand why with dividend yield at 5.68% and of course the monthly payouts.

If we look at the past 5 years, we see that Realty Income underperforms the SP500 big time. And keep in mind, this is including dividends.

So could this be the perfect time to buy Realty Income stock? Well in this short and quick update video I’ll give you my three price targets. So make sure to stay tuned and see how I build up to these price targets. And more importantly, which price target is the most justified in my opinion.

I’m very excited to see what you guys think about this stock, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

My name thomas and this thomas invest. I’m investor looking for great stocks at great prices.

What does Realty Income do?
Realty Income focuses on acquiring freestanding, single-unit properties leased to industry-leading operators under long-term, net lease agreements.

Realty Income is the 7th largest global REIT with more than 1300 clients active in 85 industries and more than 50 years of operating history. So all if this is very impressive. Another thing that I really like about Realty Income is the fact that they have credit ratings.

In this video:
00:00 - Realty Income Stock analysis
01:12 - Realty Income Intro
01:28 - Realty Income Fundamentals
04:20 - Realty Income Dividends
05:21 - Realty Income Returns
06:38 - Realty Income Price target
08:16 - Conclusion

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