How to Save Money On Business Taxes | Larry Pendleton CPA | Authentic Business Adventures Podcast

How to Save Money On Business Taxes | Larry Pendleton CPA | Authentic Business Adventures Podcast

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July 7, 2024
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On the Getting the Right People: ""I gotta be able to kind of find the right people to trust instead of finding someone that I halfway trust and I gotta oversee every every step of the way."

Just about every successful business owner has learned, often the hard and expensive way, that taxes can be a heavy burden to carry.  Once your business starts bringing in some money, after going through all of the sweat and challenges, you learn that the government wants a very large piece.  But how do savvy business owners navigate the tax code?

They do it with skilled CPA's that do more than just enter numbers and spit out results.  They do it with careful tax strategy to help you and your business make smart moves before it is tax time.

Larry Pendleton is a CPA that went from hustling numbers like most accountants to really bringing tax strategy to his clients.  Larry shares his transformative journey from having a limited mindset to becoming an astute real estate investor, thanks to the guidance of a trusted partner. We explore Larry’s first profitable residential investment, the challenges of dealing with contractors, and his strategic pivot from property flipping to new construction for better stability and lower risk.

Larry sheds light on the intricacies of cost segregation, a powerful tax strategy popularized by the 2017 tax reforms, and discusses the depreciation rules that real estate investors navigate. We also delve into the concept of self-directed retirement accounts, a game-changing financial tool that allows for diverse investment options beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

Listen as Larry gives details and strategies for both business taxes as well as real estate investing.


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