MPW Stock - Medical Properties Trust Stock Analysis | Potential Penny Stock?

MPW Stock - Medical Properties Trust Stock Analysis | Potential Penny Stock?

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Medical Properties Trust stock, ticker symbol MPW.

This stock is down almost 74% on the 1 year chart. Underperforming the SP500 big time. Most recently the stock took a hit of 29%.

On the 26th of October, MPW reported earnings with a beat on FFO but a miss on revenue.

People still love MPW stock because of multiple reasons, one of the main thing being the dividend, and I understand why with dividend yield at 18% but the growth record does look any good.

If we look at the past 5 years, I think this graph says it all. This is including dividends, and MPW delivered a minus 72% return while the SP500 is sitting at 100% return.

But could this be the perfect time to buy MPW stock? Well by the end of the video I’ll give you my three price targets. So make sure to stay tuned and see how I build up to these price targets. And more importantly, which price target is the most justified in my opinion.

I’m very excited to see what you guys think about this stock, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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What does MPW do?
Medical Properties Trust is a healthcare facility REIT. The company owns and leases healthcare facilities. The vast majority of Medical's revenue is generated in the United States.

In this video:
00:00 - MPW Stock analysis
01:18 - MPW Earnings
03:37 - MPW Fundamentals
06:27 - MPW Dividends
07:30 - MPW Returns
08:46 - MPW Price target
10:28 - Conclusion

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