2 REITs All Investors Must Own (April 2024)

2 REITs All Investors Must Own (April 2024)

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Today, we look at 2 REITs that all investors must own in April 2024. These real estate investment trusts (REIT) are high-quality, blue-chip dividend stocks that are undervalued and offer high dividend yields and upside potential. They are among the best REITs to buy for 2024 and they fit nicely in a dividend portfolio. They are not as famous as Realty Income (O Stock) or Public Storage (PSA), but they are even more attractive. 🎁You can access my entire REIT Portfolio by taking a 2-week free trial to my REIT newsletter, High Yield Landlord: https://seekingalpha.com/affiliate_link/HYLonYoutube

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Image sources: BYG, EPRT, NAREIT, YCHARTS, EPRA, Canva

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