The Dangers of REIT Investing: 5 MUST KNOWS Before Buying Real Estate Investment Trusts!

The Dangers of REIT Investing: 5 MUST KNOWS Before Buying Real Estate Investment Trusts!

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I have lost a lot of money investing in REITs. Before you get started, you should know the dangers of REIT investing. In this video, I will share 5 must knows before buying real estate investing trusts! This is what I wish I knew before investing in REITs. These tips should help you select the best REITs to buy and avoid painful losses. 🎁You can access my entire REIT Portfolio by taking a 2-week free trial to my REIT newsletter, High Yield Landlord:

Not all my REIT investments are successful! A good example is my investment in Medical Properties Trust (MPW), which has performed very poorly in recent years due to tenant difficulties. This REIT has cost me over 70%. In short, I underestimated the leverage of the REIT because I underappreciated the risk of its cash flow. However investors commonly also make other mistakes when investing in REITs. Just to name a few: they fail to identify conflicts of interest, they pay too much attention to the dividend yield, and they ignore foreign REITs.

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