The Market Is Crashing UP Now & 50% Of People Could Be Left Behind | Joseph Wang

The Market Is Crashing UP Now & 50% Of People Could Be Left Behind | Joseph Wang

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Joseph Wang, 'The Fed Guy' is the CIO at Monetary Macro and previously a senior trader on the open markets desk. The Desk sits at the center of the dollar system as its ultimate and infinite provider of dollars.

It has access to virtually all regulatory and financial data, as well as open lines of communication with all major market participants. It is one of the few places in the world where one can definitively learn how the system works.

Today we spoke at length about a few important topics, and also highlighting the major calls he made previously which 99% of the general public was highly against. Claiming he had no idea what he was talking about, but fast forward to today. He was right.

Time Stamps:

2:00: Your massive claim went against the grain, but you were right. Explain it.
5:22: People get confused in macroeconomics because they don't understand this.
9:27: Evolution of fiscal policy and monetary response to economic crises over the past century.
14:21: Acceleration of government intervention in financial markets through unconventional methods.
18:40: Analysis of private and public debt levels
23:12: Challenges of US fiscal deficit
27:23: Impact of China's voting in the UN on the treasury market and the role of FED in controlling it.
31:45: Inflation calculation inaccuracies revealed
36:03: Challenges of Free Banking in late 1800s and the need for a centralized banking institution.
40:44: We Are In A Crash Up
44:50: Discussion on potential impact of higher taxes in the US on growth and inflation.


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